The Film Joiner Mk. KP16/96 is a result of further development
 study in 16mm field.
 It is furnish with adjustable screw located on the left side of the
 joiner making manual adjustments possible.

 The result   invisible joins!


The film joiner Mk. KP 16/96 differs entirely from its previous model. Comparison is
as follows:
 - Previously,when you put the film on the joiner after cutting, you might have noticed
  that the edge of the film ended exactly on the channel.Excess film cement runs into the
  channel and dries up, inevitably developing an angle right under the film and thus
  producing a prismatic edge which is very visible when projecting.
 - By the new joiner KP16/96, you wont see a prismatic edge anymore because you can
  adjust the position of the film to as far as 2/10mm beyond the channel.Excess film
  cement dries up like a tiny bulge only under the film which is not visible when

This model is very much advisable when you are cutting different kinds of wedge cut varying from 0,6mm to 1,20mm in 16mm field.
Extra baseplate for each wedge cut is no longer necessary.